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We are just bike fans. We love to cheer, scream, and watch cycling.

I created this site because I’m a fan of local cycling and I had to spend hours getting schedules from different places just to get atop of all the different racing in Sacramento. I’ll update the site to try to include as much information as I can. If you know of anything I’m missing, please send it to me via the “contact us” page.

My Story
I grew up in the Bay Area in the early nineties and found mountain biking. I was an avid mountain biker until heading out to pan flat Dallas, Texas for grad school where my Diamondback Topanga was stolen and my busy schedule left me 50 pounds overweight. I forgot cycling until 2011 when a friend encouraged me to ride to deal with my weight. My first ride was short and my only goal was to make the lap back home without calling my wife to pick me up. The 9 mile loop took me 1 hour and 1 minute to complete. I knew I could easily go back out in a few days and get my time under an hour. The next time out, I got my hour goal and my average speed was just under 9 miles per hour. I said, “I bet if I push a little harder I can make 9 miles per hour.” Little by little I was addicted to trying to get a little faster. After a year or so, I realized the AR bike trail was the wrong place to try to get faster and I discovered the local cycling clubs. Since then I have tried a few mountain bike races, a cyclocross race, but I’m still to chicken to race in a crit. But this site is about being a fan. I love going to local races. I have been showing up at local crits for the last 5 years just enjoying the people, the sites, and the racing. I love the shenanigans of cyclocross and true grit of criterium racing. I hope to inspire more people to enjoy racing and possibly pick up their speed at their own pace.


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