Hors Catégorie

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]These rides defy classification. They are not races, but the people ride them are racing… so they are beyond classification. These rides are for those who are seeking to expand their racing skills, medical bills, or social cred.

Ghetto CX

“We just want to help indoctrinate more Northern Californians into our amazing, little Cylocross community. Our plan to make this happen is a highly sophisticated, mighty multi-headed media beast feed on; Free non-traditional and virtual cycling events, building and loaning ragtag bikes to kids and women, slanging cheap but slightly creative wears to you, supporting National Elite Women’s racing, and a bunch of other cool stuff you should be losing sleep and obsessing over just like us.” Learn more about Ghetto CX on their facebook page

Folsom Bike Performance Ride

Cycle Folsom is not a race team so they do not belong on the team page, but their Performance Group is the perfect place for someone to learn to ride. I encourage any rider who would like to get faster to learn from these masters. They have 3 groups and the top group is lightning fast. Learn more about the club and performance group at their website. www.cyclefolsom.com

River Ride World Championship

This is not a race for spectators per se. That’s because it’s not really a race; but its not not a race. This is a weekly ride, but once a year they go for gold what has been come to be known as the River Ride World Championship.
The ride is known to include local professionals and occasionally a world tour professional. Test yourself against the best. This is an unsanctioned, no prize money, probably not completely legal event that is in all ways awesome to ride.
They have their own facebook page 
and their own blog. Here is a map of the route

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