LIVESTREAM – Cycling News of the Week, Breaking the Covid Bubble – EP 183

Author: Tyler Janke, Curt Mills and Chris Flower {author_link}

Between 2 Wheels Podcast: Cycling News, Commentary, and Analysis from NorCal; Host Tyler Janke, Curt Mills and Chris Flower.

Episode #183 – Livestream News of the week.  Lost episodes and lost races.  Covid19 Bubbles.  UK Cycling Issues (Jess Varnish and Ketone guinea pigs at the 2012 olympics). Races in CA are cancelled – Velo Promo status for 2021 in doubt. EF Racing Tour Team takes shape. The Colorado Classic makes an announcement for 2020 race. Some Winners and Losers along with “Things that Make you go Hmmm.” Your livestream comments as well.

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